Lessons Learned

Hi everyone!

Now that my Bat Mitzvah is over (it went well, thanks for asking!) and my life is almost back to normal (besides the whole company thing), I’ve realized some very important things:

  1. I have amazing, caring, helpful, and supportive people in my life who are truly here for me;
  2. sometimes you can fake it ‘till you make it. It’s not just an expression; and,
  3. risk-taking isn’t a bad thing (that doesn’t mean forgoing caution though, just to be clear). 

I actually took a lot of risks in preparing for my Bat Mitzvah. I was definitely pushed way out of my comfort zone by things like standing up in front of a huge crowd and learning a ton of stuff in a language I don’t know (Hebrew isn’t easy, people!).

Novel Couture isn’t exactly risk-free either. I’ve never had to run social media accounts that actually have to advertise something before, I’ve never had to write blog posts before, and I had to brush up my people skills a bit (they’re still a bit rusty). Hmmm, I feel like I’m forgetting something. Oh, right, I’ve also never had to run a company before! 

The point is, sometimes doing things that scare you can actually be very important and valuable, especially if you’re like me and very much enjoy staying in you comfort zone. Even after my project is over, I know that these experiences will stay with me forever. Now I know how to run a company, and write blog posts, and run social media accounts (I can also put this on my resume for when I apply to Chapters next year).

Novel Couture has really taught me that a little bit of faith, trust, and supportive parents (you thought I was going to say pixie dust, didn’t you?) can get you anywhere. 

With lots of love and glitter,

Maddy, Owner

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