The beginning.

I created Novel Couture to help others.

Yes, I know what you may be thinking, but while fashion is great, it’s not exactly a charity.

Here’s some background to help me explain: last month I turned thirteen, making me an adult according to the Jewish religion. When a Jewish girl reaches her thirteenth birthday, she become a Bat Mitzvah, meaning daughter of commandment in Hebrew. As she approaches this important milestone in her life, she’s required to do a project to help the community and others around her.

I was stumped.

A bake sale was too classic and no one would want buy lemonade from a teenager as far as I was concerned.

With no creative ideas and no clue how to find some, I turned to my mom. As the innovative-and-artsy-yet-still-supportive type of mom, I knew she’d have a brilliant idea as to what I could do, and I was right. She had formulated a plan to combine three things I love: reading, fashion, and supporting the Alberta Children’s Hospital (my long time go-to charity).

So Novel Couture was born.

Together we brainstormed many possible t-shirt slogans, ranging from classic literary references (It was the best of times (when I started my book). It was the worst of times (when it ended)) to sassy and enthusiastic things a book lover might say to someone else (you CAN buy happiness…it’s called a new book!).

After contacting nearly sixty family members and friends and asking them to vote on their favourites, we were able to choose some finalists. We came up with an idea of what we’d like them to look like and sent them off to a graphic designer.

As he edited our ideas to make them shirt-worthy, we sorted through dozens of shirts in dozens of colours. Finally, we selected our favourite shirts with our favourite slogans in our favourite styles and sent them off to be printed. Since then, Novel Couture has created Instagram and Twitter accounts and become friendly with many other companies.

Now back to the present.

Yes, this is a t-shirt company and yes, there are plenty of other companies that probably do something pretty similar, but to me Novel Couture is special and I hope that in the future it will be to you too. 

With lots of love and glitter,

Maddy, Owner