About Us

Novel Couture is a company that sells shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops that all have one thing in common… books! On each shirt is a slogan or saying that connects to my (and hopefully your) love of reading.

All of the proceeds go to the Alberta Children’s Hospital, which has been my go-to charity ever since I was little.

If I’m being honest, Novel Couture is like the metaphorical child of three of my favourite things: reading, fashion, and helping others.

The inspiration behind my company is literature (which, if you’ve ever met me, is probably no surprise to you). One time when I was little, I remember reading a fascinating fiction novel when all of a sudden it was being pulled out of my hands by my mother who then explained to me that she had been calling me over and over. I had been so enraptured in my book that not once had I heard her. She may have been in the next room over, but I had been in another world.

With that memory in mind, I knew that my company had to reflect my love of reading, which is why our products are all book themed.

So go, enjoy your fab new book shirts and the good feeling that comes with knowing you helped a child in need.

Oh, and happy reading!

Maddy - Owner (age 13)